Are you the leader of an established business, that is:

  • Challenged with seemingly never ending cash flow issues?
  • Frustrated by an inability to improve revenues and profits, despite your sales department’s best intentions?
  • Concerned with whether further expense cutting might cripple your organization’s ability to compete?
  • Finding it increasingly difficult to comply with your bank loan agreements?
  • Unsure what it will take to get the situation turned around?

We can help!

How we work with you:

Rudnicki & Associates, LLC assists organizations whose leaders are truly committed to overcoming their financial challenges. Our goal is to be there, working together with you as partners every step of the way. As advisors, we understand the questions you have and will help you in creating a solid financial solution.

What differentiates us from others is our unique set of skills. This is evidenced by our President, Jim Rudnicki, being one of the fewer than 500 individuals worldwide who have earned the Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) designation in recognition of his demonstrated expertise in business workouts, restructurings and corporate renewal.

We can provide immediate assistance in developing and executing individualized financial strategies tailored to your particular circumstances.   We will work together with you by:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Reviewing the right information
  • Performing the right analysis
  • Discovering the right answers
  • Implementing the right solutions

Oftentimes, the first step in revitalizing your business is to stabilize the situation by addressing your immediate financial challenges. Next, we explore how your financial situation affects your entire operation. The longer-term solutions we develop take an integrated view, looking at the forces and relationships that shape the behavior of your business. We then view how these changes influence the other areas of your business model.

Results include:

  • Increased understanding and focus on what really matters to the organization’s financial success.
  • Infectious attitudes of quiet confidence as significant changes quickly take hold and financial measurements begin to rise.
  • Belief in a plan that can be shared with key constituencies, such as secured lenders, investors and boards of directors.
  • Incremental profits that substantially exceed the organization’s investment.
  • Dramatic financial improvement, oftentimes occurring within weeks.