Jim worked with us during difficult financial times. He reviewed our finances and created forecasts that the bank was able to utilize with little change on their part. He installed a new accountant and gave us greater insight into banking relationships from both sides of the fence. His advice was pragmatic, insightful and invaluable. We continue to utilize his forecasting model with great accuracy. I highly recommend his services.

Business CEO & Owner – Specialty Printing and Fulfillment

With my company seriously upside down, our bank put us in forbearance. My home and another business I owned were in serous jeopardy. Jim gave me comfort by developing a spectacular spreadsheet on each of our fifteen projects that showed we had some hope. He also improved our cash flow analysis and helped us keep our suppliers at bay. During gut wrenching Tuesday meetings with the banker, Jim did much of the talking. Jim was invaluable and there was never a question about his very reasonable rates which he documented weekly. The company today is a huge, and thriving world-class custom automation division of a Swiss holding company.

Business CEO & Owner – Custom Automation Equipment

 One of my clients was wrestling with dramatic cash flow challenges. We brought Jim in to help us clarify the issues related to improving cash flow. Jim was quickly able to identify key issues – some operational and some connected to my client’s personality and offer recommendations for turning things around.  Jim’s combination of technical expertise and experience with the entrepreneurial personality proved to be an effective blend of consulting services.

Principal in an Accounting Firm

Jim always handles himself in a professional manner.  He will deliver what is needed to help the situation, even if not the popular choice.

Bank Vice President & Commercial Loan Officer